Our Pastor...


Pastor Dennis McCleary

My life has been an ongoing process of discovering who I am and learning to follow God's call upon my life.

I was born and raised in South Eastern York County.  I graduated from Kennard-Dale High School in 1972.

My family was active in the then Methodist Church. I grew up in Prospect UMC and took the membership vows of commitment after going through Confirmation Class.  Prospect UMC is linked with Crossroads UMC and makes up the Gatchelville / Crossroads Charge in the southern part of the York District.

Throughout my childhood and high school years I was very active in the church family.  I was very involved in the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) and was Sunday School Superintendent starting at the age of twelve.  I learned to appreciate and thirst for God 's word by reading the scriptures daily to prepare the devotions for Sunday School.  I was an officer in the youth group throughout my teenage years.

At the age of twelve I began working on Maple Lawn Farms, Inc. in New Park.  They were involved in orchard and small grain production.  Out of high school I became the production manager for the small grain operation and was very involved in the workings of the orchard.  I was employed with them for more than twenty-five years.  During this time I began to pursue God 's call and grow in my faith.

Around 1980 I became a Lay Speaker in the York District.  God opened many doors of opportunity for me as a Lay Speaker.  I had many opportunities to fill the pulpit and teach SS throughout the York District.  During this time I was a Youth Leader for Prospect UMC and Crossroads UMC.  I also became active in Lay Witness Missions throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania.  My involvement in LWM was as a witness, but also as a Youth Coordinator.  I was always thrilled to share God 's story in my life and hopefully sow seeds in the lives of others.

In January 1989 I went on a working retreat with the United Methodist Church to Cuernavaca, Mexico.  That experience changed my life and that year I met Jean. We were married in September and she became stepmother to my son, Drew.  Drew was five years old.  Jean and I did ministry together where she ministered through music and I filled the pulpit for churches in the York District.  After being called into the ministry Jean was very supportive and hands on in the ministries of the churches God called us too.

In 1995, God called me to be a part-time pastor at Potosi Mt. Zion in Glen Rock.  During that time I continued working on the farm for one year.  Then needing to cut working hours, I worked at a Car and Truck inspection station as a mechanic and service manager in New Park.  I
attended Licensing School through the Conference in 1998.  In 1999 I was called to full-time
ministry and began pastoring at Mt. Nebo I Mt. Olivet Charge.  Mt. Nebo is in Delta, and Mt. Olivet is located near Fawn Grove.  During my appointment at Nebo I Olivet, I attended the Course of Study at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC.  I completed the Course of Study at Wesley in July, 2004.  I was the pastor at Mt. Nebo I Mt. Olivet Charge for 14 years. In 2013 I was called to serve at Bethany UMC in York.

My son, Drew is now 33 and has had kidney failure for the past 3 years.  He has one son, our grandson, Calvin, who is in the first grade.  Calvin keeps us young and this past fall I was assistant coach to his basketball team.

Life for me has been one of discovering the joy of life in Christ.  My passion is to share God's Word and tell others of His grace, praying they will give Jesus a try.  My mission statement is a simple:   To Know God, To Grow in God, and Live God.  My prayer is for others to Know God, Grow in God, and Live God.  All by God's grace through Jesus!