Lay Leadership as of January 1, 2020

Pastor:  Rev. Dennis McCleary 

Lay Member to Annual Conference: 
          Cerise Sawyer 

Alternate Delegate:  Deb Eppley

Lay Leader:  Cerise Sawyer

Treasurer: Don Wray

Children's Choir Director: Linda Kiner

Church Council Chair: Ruth Lightner

Health Ministries: Judy Arnold

Membership Secretary: Mary Kitner

Missions Chair: John Kiner

Safe Sanctuaries: Irene Wray

Small Groups: Dave Clymer

Stewardship Chair: Keith Douglass

WSCS: Mary Kitner

Aesthetics Team: Tena Eshelman



Class of 2022
Cerise Sawyer Member of Annual Conf./Lay Leader
Ruth Lightner Facilities Management
Cheryl Markle Employee-Parish Relations

Class of 2021
Keith Douglas Stewardship
Corey Myers Facilities Management
Cathy Gingrich Employee-Parish Relations

Class of 2020
Deb Kitner Employee-Parish Relations
Seth Bentsel Stewardship
Mike Colledge Facilities Management



Worship Jes Bentsel
Kidsmin Claudia Clymer
Small Groups David Clymer
Congregational Care Jen Beaston - Jean Zellers
Big Events Deb Eppley
Facility Management Gage Lightner
Stewardship Don Wray
Outreach David Shambaugh

The Church Council will have final authority in all local church matters at Mount Gilead except when
decisions are changed or superseded by a Church Conference. The Staff and pastor will be
accountable to the Church Council. Reports from Staff meetings will be taken to Church Council
meetings by the pastor. All Staff and Church Council meetings will be open meetings, except when
the Council is acting as the Staff Parish RelationsCommittee (SPRC), that is, dealing with matters of evaluation and salaries of paid
employees. The Council will function as the local church Trustees, SPRC and Nominations Committee.

Church Council members shall have three-year terms. Staff members• length of service has no time limit. Staff members• tenure
may end at the decision of that staff member or at the discretion of the pastor or Church Council. All
new staff members must be approved by the Church Council. Both Church Council members and
Staff members must be approved at each Annual Church Conference.