Marguerite Gentry — Missionary to Romania


     Missionary to Romania,Tom Gentry, was called to his last mission assignment from his home in Wisconsin on Thursday, March 10, 2011 after a lengthy battle with cancer.
     Tom Gentry and his family had been working in the former communist countries of Romania and Moldova for over eighteen years. Through a ministry of summer camps for youth, they reached thousands of young people.
Their ministry grew to multiple summer camps in Romania and in neighboring Moldova, and included church planting, preaching, discipleship and training. Many of the camp staff had been saved at camp and some then went on to Bible College to become national pastors of new Romanian Churches.
Families are being saved by the children and teens that are saved at camp. Four of those who were saved at camp are now missionaries to Malawi--a very poor area in Central Africa.
     Tom was saved when he was 34 years old and his commitment and desire to serve the Lord was complete. He started a church two years later in a poor area of California and was called to be a missionary in Romania. Tom’s wife is Marguerite and they have seven children. Cody , Star and her husband Tim, Rex, Lita, Tommy, Erik, and Miranda Rose.
     Tom was a church planter but he will best be remembered for his very large summer camp ministries in Romania and neighboring Moldova. Between 3-5,000 kids annually attend his Hope for the Future camps. Thousands were saved and today many are serving in the Lord’s work. Eventually some converts were sent from Romania to do mission work in the small African country called Malawi under the banner of Hope for the Future. In fact, Tom and Marguerite’s own daughter and husband are missionaries working in Malawi today.
     In Tom’s last prayer letter his passion and prayer was that his Hope for the Future ministry will continue to thrive under the leadership of BIMI missionary Keith Herndon, Brent George, and the Romania team leaders Dani and Ovidiu, who served with Brother Gentry for many years.
     The funeral service was held at Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Monday, March 14, 2011.

Marguerite returned to Romania in June. Hope for the Future ministry plans to have a full summer camp schedule, as usual, this summer as the Lord provides the funds. The leadership team Tom gathered together is preparing to work to reach souls for Christ. Your continued support would be most welcome to assure the success of this ministry.

Margerite has decided to continue on as a missionary with Baptist International Missions. She is still unclear on the direction that the Lord will lead.

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